Industrial Parts Washer for Steering Boxes

Project consisting of the washing and drying (inside and out) of automobile steering boxes, requested by a manufacturer of components for the automotive industry.

Requirements: Washing and drying of aluminium parts

Automotive parts washer

The customer needed a parts washer capable of handling four different models of aluminium steering boxes. The parts contain traces of cooling lubricant and metal shavings left from the machining process.

A parts washer was needed that could clean and dry the steering boxes inside and out, with an output of 120 parts/hour and a maximum level of contamination after treatment of 4 mg per part.

After washing and drying, a leakage control process is performed prior to packaging, which means that the temperature of the parts upon exiting the washer may not exceed room temperature by more than 5ºC.

According to customer specifications, loading would be carried out robotically, while unloading would be manual.

Solution: Continuous pass-through parts washer

Aqueous pass-through washer

Following an analysis of the customer’s requirements, the technical team of BAUFOR Industrial Parts Washers designed a pass-through washer featuring two chambers for the hot cleaning, blowing and drying of steering boxes. Due to subsequent checks with a leakage meter, the washing and drying of parts is performed at a moderate temperature.

Parts washer equipped with a stainless steel shaft conveyor chain with brass positioning supports. The way the parts are fastened and step-by-step feeding enable robotic loading and precise washing and blowing.

Spray nozzles are installed in the washing chamber, for spraying cleaning solution on both the inside and the outside of components. Calibrated nozzles are responsible for the precision cleaning of holes and problematic areas, while a double switchable dual filter ensures that the customer’s cleaning requirements are satisfied.

Industrial tunnel parts washer

In order to facilitate the final drying, calibrated blowing is performed with pressurized air to remove any water accumulated in blind holes.

Lastly, the parts circulate through the drying chamber, where a fan pushes hot air over the surfaces.

The tunnel washer is fitted with a mist aspirator and condenser, along with programmable automation and an operator touch panel.

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