Parts Washer for Injection Tubes

Cleaning and drying of injection tubes

Injection tube washer

A parts washer for cleaning and drying gasoline injection tubes was required in three different references:

  • Ø21.5 mm, length 243 mm, thickness 2.5 mm.
  • Ø23 mm, length 335 mm, thickness 3 mm.
  • Ø28 mm, length 342 mm, thickness 4 mm.

The treatment cycle had to last a maximum of 16 seconds (1 tube every 16 seconds = 225 tubes/hour).

The contaminants to be removed were coolant and chips from cutting operations, and the tube surface had to be completely degreased for subsequent welding thereof.

Multi-stage pass-through washer

Stainless steel tunnel washer

Stainless steel pass-through parts washer for the continuous cleaning-degreasing, blowing, draining and drying of tubes.

The tubes are disposed horizontally, one by one, directly on the conveyor belt.

Treatment cycle:

  • Spray-cleaning and degreasing with a hot alkaline solution at a temperature between 40 °C and 45 °C.
  • Hot spray-rinsing at a temperature between 40 °C and 45 °C.
  • Drying by means of recirculated hot air at a temperature between 35 °C and 45 °C.
Parts washer for cleaning and drying tubes

The cleaning tank incorporates a 25 micron filter bag and the rinsing tank incorporates a 10 micron filter bag. A 300 micron stainless steel mesh filter is disposed at the inlet of the pump in both tanks.

The washer incorporates an evacuation tank with self-priming pump connected to the cleaning and rinsing tanks by means of a collector tube. It can work in manual or automatic mode.

BAUFOR parts washer fitted with special air filters for removing dust and airborne particles and guaranteeing drying with the cleanest possible air.

Side access hatches in each treatment chamber for facilitating the revision of tubes, nozzles and internal cleaning of the washer.

Electrical control box with programmable automaton and touch screen operator interface.

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