Types of Industrial Parts Washers

Pass-through Washers

Industrial washing and degreasing of parts in one or multiple stages

Industrial pass-through washer
Rotary Parts Washers

Indexing rotating turntable spray parts washers

Industrial rotary washer
Cabinet Parts Washers

Machines for washing parts with moderate production levels

Industrial cabinet parts washer
Standard Parts Washers

Economical range of parts washers for workshops and low outputs

Standard rotary basket parts washer

Industries Employing BAUFOR Parts Washers

Automotive parts cleaning


Industrial parts washers for the washing, degreasing and surface treatment of automotive parts. +info.

Pipe and tube washers

Metal Pipes

Industrial parts washers for the cleaning and degreasing of metal pipes of different sizes and dimensions. +info.

Military parts washers

Military and Armaments

Equipment for the industrial cleaning and surface treatment of mechanical parts and military equipment. +info.

Aerospace parts washers


Parts washers for the manufacture, reconditioning or maintenance of aeronautical components. +info.


HYDRORESA, S.L. specialises in the design and manufacture of industrial metal or plastic parts washers, under the BAUFOR trademark