Commitment: Optimum parts cleaning and degreasing solutions

At HYDRORESA, S.L. our key mission is to resolve your individual parts cleaning and degreasing problems, your satisfaction being our priority. And so when we take on a new project we are not simply selling a parts washer, but entering into a commitment with our client.

Every problem has its own specific features, and so requires a tailor-made solution. Our professionals are fully dedicated to designing and building the best parts washer for each application. In order to develop the best solution and the optimum parts washer to fit your needs, we work directly with our clients, examining their needs, such as the level of cleanliness required, the nature of the pollutants, production volumes and materials, the size and dimensions of the parts to be cleaned/degreased.

At HYDRORESA, S.L., we believe that the best way to achieve our clients' full satisfaction is based on working with them shoulder to shoulder from the outset of the project.

Working method: Total satisfaction guaranteed

The working process plays a vital role in achieving a successful outcome and guaranteeing client satisfaction:

1. Approach

  • Sourcing of information
  • Analysis of the problem
  • Choice of options
  • Presentation of the offer

2. Confirmation

  • Client approval
  • Negotiation of terms
  • Order

3. Registration

  • Registration of the manufacturing number
  • Design of the unit and implementation
  • Client approval

4. Development

  • Development and breakdown
  • Electrical study
  • Planning of the construction process

5. Manufacturing

  • Body
  • Mechanics
  • Electrics

6. Testing

  • Operational and stress tests
  • Tests with client parts

7. Conclusion

  • Pre-delivery at the workshop
  • Final modifications applied (where necessary)

8. Delivery

  • Parts washer and doc delivered
  • Commissioning
  • Operative training
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