Parts Washers for the Military and Armaments Industry

Aqueous industrial parts washers for military equipment manufacturing and maintenance tasks.

Parts washers and degreasers for military equipment

Design and manufacture of BAUFOR industrial parts washers for the washing and drying of military equipment, mechanical units and parts. All these parts washers are made-to-measure in order to offer an optimum solution to the needs involved in the manufacturing, rebuilding, maintenance or repair process.

At HYDRORESA, S.L., we offer a complete range of services, such as updates, modifications or customised maintenance programmes, intended to ensure excellent performance by the industrial parts washers while extending their service life.

Aircraft engine parts cleaning

Washing and degreasing of jet engine components

Cleaning of firearms parts

Cleaning and drying of all types of firearms parts

Automotive parts washers

Washing of land vehicle components and parts

Washing and drying of bullet parts

Continuous cleaning and drying of casings and projectiles

Helicopter transmission parts washers

Washing and drying of helicopter transmission parts

Aqueous spray cleaning and degreasing

BAUFOR industrial parts washers wash and degrease using an aqueous solution made up of water and alkaline detergents, although in certain cases the product may be acid or neutral. The hot solution is sprayed at pressure onto the parts, removing all types of contaminant from external and internal surfaces. If the parts are relatively complex, special supports will be used to anchor them, with washing being performed by precise, focused nozzles.

Spray washers are optimised to be environmentally friendly, and so operate with biodegradable detergents, without emitting any compounds which harm the ozone layer, and are fitted with a water recirculation system and heat insulation to minimise energy consumption. Create a safer working environment free of exposure to harmful solvents and the storage of hazardous and flammable products.

Different treatments and configurations available

  • Pre-washing
  • Washing/degreasing
  • Rinsing using recirculated water
  • Rinsing using mains water
  • Rinsing using distilled water
  • General blowing with barrier
  • Calibrated internal blowing
  • Drying
  • Passivation
  • Descaling
  • Phosphating
  • Oiling

Industrial parts washers for every type of part and application

Incorporation of an automated industrial parts washer can increase productivity, cost-effectiveness and the quality of the end product, allowing operatives to spend time on other tasks.

All BAUFOR washing and degreasing machines are manufactured to measure, and so can clean parts and components of any size and dimensions, from cases, projectiles, nuts and bolts to turbines or large pieces of bodywork.

Tailored to the parts and components to be washed and degreased

  • Land vehicles: Parts washers for the manufacture, maintenance and fine-tuning of land vehicles.
  • Aircraft: Machinery for the industrial washing and degreasing of mechanical parts and aeronautical components of different materials and sizes.
  • Military equipment and armaments: Industrial parts washers for firearms parts, cartridge elements (cases and projectiles) and military equipment in general.

BAUFOR parts washers most typically employed in the military and armaments industry

All our machines are manufactured using first-rate components and materials, and so are particularly robust and reliable even in the most demanding production environments, guaranteeing optimum cleaning and degreasing of all types of part. Easy to integrate, maintain and use.

Conveyor Belt Washers

Industrial parts washers ideal for the washing and degreasing of parts and components as a continuous process.

Rotary Drum Washers

Pass-through parts washers for small parts with high production levels as a continuous process.

Monorail Washers

Overhead conveyor washers for the continuous washing of plastic packaging and large pieces of bodywork.

Turntable Washers

Industrial parts washer for the continuous cleaning and drying of metal parts. Ideal for moderate production processes.

Cabinets with Parts Trolley

Industrial cabinet parts washers for medium-sized parts with particularly high cleaning demands. Manual or robotic loading.

Rotating Platform Washers

Spray cabinet washers for medium and large-sized parts and components. Loading and unloading from the same zone.

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