Cabinet Parts Washers with Parts Trolley

Cabinet parts washer with parts trolley
  • Washing and degreasing of medium-sized parts
  • Suitable for limited production
  • Parts loaded on a trolley
  • Front loading and unloading
  • Fully automatic working cycle
  • Possibility of precision washing and positioning
  • Manual or robotic loading and unloading
  • Trolley movement throughout the cycle
  • Automatic trolley entry/exit and door opening
  • Built in steel or AISI-304 stainless steel

General description of trolley parts washers

Cabinet washers to wash and degrease metal parts in just a few minutes, with the parts loaded and unloaded via the front.

The parts to be washed are placed on a trolley fitted with special tailor-made supports which moves constantly throughout the entire cleaning cycle (complete part coverage).

As the parts are positioned, if their complexity so requires calibrated (position or directed) washing may be performed to wash areas which are difficult to access, followed by a blowing process to remove any water which may have become lodged, offering the perfect cleaning process even for the most complex parts.

The entry and exit of the trolley and vertical door opening are performed automatically.

Side of a cabinet parts washer

Cabinet washer with automatic entry/exit of trolley and door opening.

Loading zone of a cabinet parts washer with parts trolley

Parts are loaded and unloaded at the front of the washer.

Parts washer with trolley

The parts trolley is designed in accordance with the parts to be washed.

Industrial washing and degreasing of all types of parts

Throughout the washing cycle, the trolley performs a linear to and fro movement in order to guarantee that absolutely all parts are covered, using the minimum space required. The pipelines and spray nozzles are distributed strategically in accordance with the volumetric characteristics of the parts to be washed/degreased and their positioning on the trolley, resulting in optimum washing and degreasing even of the most difficult parts.

If there is any possibility that water may build up at a certain current problematic points of the parts (blind holes, cavities, etc.) the cycle will include a blowing stage to remove water from such areas.

At the end of the cycle, an exhaust fan removes the humidity from inside the parts washer with the door partly open, facilitating the drying of parts thanks to the heat which they have built up and the entry of air from the outside.

Components of a cabinet parts washer

The tank elements are to be found at the rear of the cabinet style parts washer.

Rear view of a cabinet parts washer with trolley

Multiple optional elements may be fitted, such as for example an oil coalescer.

Cabinet parts washer exhaust fan

The exhaust fan removes humidity and facilitates the parts drying process.

Positioning of the parts on the trolley

The parts are positioned on a trolley fitted with special supports. As the parts are always positioned in the same way, loading/unloading can be performed manually or robotically.

Depending on the characteristics of the parts to be washed and their cleaning requirements, multiple parts may be loaded at the same time. The trolley can also be fitted with various supports for the washing of different parts in the same machine, or with adjustable supports in the case of similar parts.

Different pipes on one single parts trolley

One single trolley can be loaded with multiple parts at the same time if their characteristics so permit.

Gearbox washer

Different supports can be designed to load different parts in the same cabinet washer.

Cabinet parts washer with adjustable supports for crankshafts

If the parts are similar, adjustable supports may be used.


In order to facilitate cleaning and maintenance tasks, BAUFOR's cabinet parts washers with automatic trolley have certain characteristics which allow such tasks to be performed conveniently and quickly.

The spray nozzles and pipelines are removable. In order to empty and clean the tank it is fitted with a drainage valve, a tilted base and a marine-type cleaning hatch. Access hatches are fitted on both sides to access the interior of the cabinet washer.

Standard features

Stainless steel chip-baskets

After the degreasing solution has been sprayed onto the parts, it all then passes through the stainless steel chip basket to eliminate any small solid particles from the circuit and prevent them from being fed into the pump. Accessible via the tank lid and easy to clean.

Low solution level shut-off and automatic water fill

The capacitor detector maintains the level in each tank between set parameters by operating the pneumatic electrical valve to automatically refill with water. This guarantees that the solution level covers the heating elements at all times.

Vertical or horizontal pump

BAUFOR cabinet washers with parts trolleys are fitted with an external vertical or horizontal pump equipped with a filter to prevent any objects which may accidentally have fallen into the tank (paper, rags, etc.) from being sucked in.

Heat and sound insulation

All BAUFOR industrial parts washers are heat-insulated as standard to avoid heat loss, thereby saving energy and preventing the outer surfaces from becoming too hot. The same insulation also reduces the machine's sound level, keeping this within the legal noise parameters.

Exhaust fan

The exhaust fan eliminates mist and humidity from inside the cabinet parts washer, and with the vertical door partly open this helps drive the parts. Once the machine has been installed, it will need a chimney leading to the outside to be fitted.

Automatic hatch

Opening and closing of the door (hinged or guillotine-type) is performed completely automatically, by fitting a pneumatic cylinder.


Pressure control gauge and valve. Reinforced tank heating elements. Emergency shut-off in the control panel. Digital temperature controllers. Drainage valves. Anti-vibration feet. Pump aspiration filter.

Optional accessories

BAUFOR oil coalescer

The best method for eliminating large quantities of oil. In a separate tank fitted with a screw pump to prevent mixture and guarantee the oil is eliminated. Considerably lengthens the lifespan of the aqueous solution.

Wheel type oil skimmer

Eliminates floating oil from the mixture using a continuous rotating disc. Fitted in the tank alongside the deposit to avoid any turbulence caused by the pump. Lengthens the lifespan of the degreasing solution.

Emptying tank

Allows maintenance tasks such as washing the base of the tank to be performed with complete ease. Emptying can be performed manually or automatically. Fitted with capacitor level detector and pump.

Filtering systems

Cabinet parts washers can be fitted with different types of filter. Single or multiple bag, cartridge or basket filters. Fitted with a "filter dirty" alert indicator.

Automatic detergent dosing

The proportional doser works in accordance with volumetric proportions, injecting the percentage of detergent product irrespective of any changes in pressure or flow rate.

Automatic device and operator panel

Automation of working and control processes by means of a control panel with touchscreen. They typically feature a manual mode, automatic mode, component test, temperature indicators, element programming, etc.

Programmable heating timer

BAUFOR cabinet washers need to reach an optimum temperature to work effectively. The programmer can be used to plan the start-up of the elements prior to working hours seven days a week.

Any component the client may wish

BAUFOR industrial parts washers stand out because they are designed to measure. Any component the client may wish can therefore be fitted to the parts washer.