Standard Parts Washers

Rotating basket part washer
  • Industrial parts cleaning and degreasing
  • Suitable for small and medium-sized parts
  • Multiple basket diameters available
  • Top loading/unloading
  • Parts washers with automatic wash cycle
  • Easy to install and put into service
  • Made of AISI-304 stainless steel
  • Electric reservoir heater
  • Solvent-free. More environmentally friendly

Rotary Basket Parts Washers

Basic range of rotary basket parts washers for washing and degreasing small and medium-sized parts in manufacturing, maintenance and repair processes. Suitable for manufacturing plants and mechanical shops with small production runs.

Spray washing using biodegradable detergents that are kinder to the enviroment. The degreaser solution (hot water + detergent) is sprayed at high pressure on the pieces, while rotating movement of the basket ensures uniform washing of all surfaces.

Machinery built of AISI-304 stainless steel (chassis, washing hoses, basket and pump). The larger sized parts washer (model 1500) has a pneumatic door opener.

Automatic parts washer

Model 1500 rotary basket washer with pneumatic door opener.

Rotary basket washer

Inside of a parts washer, with the basket and spray hoses.

Workshop parts washer

Small size automatic parts washer, model 550.

Cleaning and degreasing of all types of parts

Aqueous industrial parts washers suitable for washing and degreasing mechanical parts, tools, engine components, implements, moulds and stamped parts.

We offer various models with basket diameters ranging from aprroximately 500 to 1500 mm, covering most typical needs.

If the standard models do not meet your needs, custom rotary basket parts washers can be fabricated. For large or heavy pieces, we recommend rotating platform parts washers.

Technical Data Table
Basket Diametermm53559074089011401460
Working Heightmm360450450450550550
Tank CapacityL357090130210250
Basket LoadKg15150200200400400
PowerV230400 3~400 3~400 3~400 3~400 3~
Pump PowerkW0.560.751.851.852.22.2
Pump FlowLts/min50100130130150150
Working Pressurebar2.
Number of NozzlesUnits303640465660
Resistor PowerkW234.566+36+3
Total PowerkW3.54.578.51212

*Pneumatic door opener