More than 50 years manufacturing industrial parts washers

Since the first industrial parts washers were built in 1956 there have been continuous changes, improvements and the incorporation of new technologies in the industrial parts cleaning and degreasing sector, and in the surface treatment of metals. Market needs, regulatory cleaning requirements and quality standards in the automotive sector and parts tooling in general have allowed HYDRORESA, S.L. progressively to adapt its parts washers to changing times. After so many years in the business, BAUFOR's industrial parts washers offer the guarantee of experience and quality.

We are aware that we have progressed day by day thanks to the trust placed in our company by all our clients, on the basis of the philosophy we have built up, with clients and client satisfaction coming first. We focus all our efforts on meeting their expectations through the highest levels of professionalism, dedication and commitment.

As a firmly established company in the parts cleaning sector, we are above all guided by the principle of drawing on the knowledge built up through our daily work, achieving results and feeling the satisfaction of knowing that our clients place value in our parts washers.

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