Case Studies: Baufor Parts Washers

Solutions for washing and degreasing parts

The following is an analysis of various Baufor industrial parts washers projects. Projects start with a description of the customer’s requirements, followed by the characteristics of the washer to be manufactured.

» Washer for Stainless Steel Barrels (Kegs)

Pass-through parts washer for cleaning, degreasing and drying stainless steel barrels in parts.

Tunnel washer for stainless steel barrels

» Train Wheel Washer

Industrial parts washer for cleaning and degreasing train wheels. Cabin-type washer with parts trolley and vertical guillotine door.

Injection tube parts washer

» Industrial Parts Washer for Injection Tubes

Three-stage pass-through parts washer for the continuous cleaning, rinsing and drying of gasoline injection tubes.

Injection tube parts washer

» Parts Washer for Rectified Parts and Blisters

Pass-through conveyor belt washer for cleaning and drying rectified parts and their corresponding transport trays.

Parts washer for rectified parts and transport trays

» Parts Washer for Aluminium Parts

Industrial parts Washer for continuous cleaning and drying of shock absorber tubes at a rate of 720 tubes/hour.

Aluminium parts cleaning and degreasing

» Parts Washer for Intercooler Frames

Three-chamber tunnel washer for cleaning, rinsing and drying stainless steel intercooler frame.

Intercooler frame washer

» Parts Washer for Shock absorber Tubes

Industrial parts Washer for continuous cleaning and drying of shock absorber tubes at a rate of 720 tubes/hour.

Shock absorber tube washer

» Parts Washer for Aluminium Lids

Rotary basket washer for cleaning and degreasing aluminium lids. Washer configured for robotic loading and unloading.

Aluminium lid washer

» Industrial Parts Washer for Steering Boxes

Parts washer project for the washing and drying of automobile steering boxes inside and out.

Parts washer for Steering Boxes

» Belt washer for "Tulips" and CV Joint Housings

Project consisting of three parts washers for the surface treatment of automotive "tulips" and cv joint housings: cleaning, rinsing, oiling and drying.

Parts washer for cv joint parts

» Industrial Parts Washer for Oil Crankcases

Tunnel washer for the cleaning, blowing and drying of aluminium crankcases, inside and out, in a step-by-step process.

Tunnel washer for oil crankcases

» Rotary Drum Washer for Stainless Steel Pipes

Three-stage rotary drum washer for the continuous washing, rinsing and drying of shaped small metal pipes.

Pass-through washer for steel pipes

» Industrial Parts Washer for Crankshafts

Spray wash cabinet for the washing, blowing and draining of truck crankshafts.

Spray wash cabinet for crankshafts

» Parts Washers for CV Joint Housings

Analysis of two tunnel washers for the cleaning, passivating rinsing, blowing and drying of steel constant-velocity joint housings.

Industrial parts washer for cv joint housings

» Parts Washer for Axles

Pass-through parts washer, for the interior and exterior degreasing and drying of forged steel axles for agricultural machinery.

Inline washer for axles