Parts Washer for Intercooler Frames

An automotive industry company required an industrial parts washer for cleaning stainless steel intercooler frames.

Cleaning and drying of stainless steel parts

Intercooler parts washer

The parts to be treated were manufactured from stainless steel and had a rectangular tube shape, and the parts washer had to clean and degrease six different references.

The parts were destined for welding and had to be free of oil and punching particles, fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Oil residue: Less than 20 mg/m² and a surface tension greater than 36 mN/m.
  • Solid residue: Maximum particle size had to be less than 800 microns and maximum residue weight in each part had to be less than 0.5 mg.

The customer already had several Baufor parts washers and had already determined some of the required characteristics of the washer:

  • Belt parts washer.
  • Industrial parts washer fitted with an oil coalescer and disc type oil skimmer for removing the maximum possible amount of oil and lengthening its service life.
  • Detergent dosing device for guaranteeing the concentration of the degreasing solution.
  • Treatment stages: cleaning, rinsing, blowing and drying.
  • Blowing of parts by means of a turbo-blower to reduce air consumption.

Three-chamber tunnel washer

Belt conveyor parts washer

Three-chamber belt washer, manufactured from stainless steel, with thermal and acoustic insulation and painted iron skirt.

Industrial parts washer with a capacity of 270 parts/hour with electronic speed shifter.

The parts are loaded directly onto the belt, one by one between the pushers.

Treatment cycle:

  • Hot spray cleaning and degreasing (40 - 45 °C).
  • Hot rinsing (40 - 45 °C).
  • Interior and exterior blowing using a side channel blower.
  • Hot air drying with recirculated air (50 - 60 °C).
Spray tunnel washer

The washing tank includes a 300 micron basket strainer, a 1,000 micron strainer bag with pressure detector, an oil decanter, and a proportional detergent dispenser (2 - 3 %).

The rinsing tank is equipped with a 300 micron basket strainer and a disc type oil skimmer.

Tunnel parts washer with 2 steam vacuum-condensers which eliminate the need for exterior extractors, and a vacuum reservoir connected by a collector to the washing and rinsing tanks, the decanter, the separating disc, the dump valves and overflow tanks.

Electrical cabinet with a programmable logic controller and touchscreen operation, making it easy to modify parameters like washing and drying temperature, conveyor speed, dump valve operation, etc.

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