Washer for Stainless Steel Barrels (kegs)

Our client, a stainless steel barrel manufacturer needed a machine for cleaning and drying components before welding.

Washing and drying of stainless steel parts

Stainless steel barrel parts washer

The parts washer had to be able to process 105 barrels/hour, with a nominal conveyor belt speed of 1.44 metres/min (variable between 1 and 2.2 metres/min).

Each barrel was made up of four pieces; two bodies and two rims. As such, the washer had to wash and dry 420 parts/hour. They were to be placed two by two on the conveyor belt:

  • 210 bodies/hour. Dimensions Ø396 x H = 226.5 mm.
  • 210 rims/hour. Dimensions Ø396 x H = 105 mm.

The parts were made from sheets of stainless steel and the cooling lubricant from production was contamination to be cleaned.

Three-chamber pass-through parts washer

Tunnel type parts washer for cleaning, rinsing and drying of barrels

Three-chamber pass-through industrial parts washer with a conveyor belt for continuous washing, rinsing and drying of stainless steel barrel parts.

Parts are loaded two by two (one body with one rim) onto the conveyor belt using the client’s supply system. They are then transported through the machine to the unload zone, where they are collected by the client’s evacuation system.

The speed of the belt is between 1 and 2.2 metres/min and is easily controlled from the operating panel located on the door of the dashboard.

Treatment cycle:

  • Hot spray cleaning and degreasing. 90 seconds at 35 - 40 °C.
  • Spray rinsing with purified water. 20 seconds at room temperature.
  • Recirculated hot air drying. 90 seconds at 60 - 65 °C.
Spray and rinse tank

The washing process uses an alkaline solution of between 1% and 3% concentration which is sprayed through nozzles located inside the chamber.

An extractor with an oleophilic strip installed in the washer tank removes the oil that has been washed from the parts and emulsified with the degreasing agent. The oil extractor can be set to operate continuously or in short bursts using the built-in programmer.

The rinsing stage consists of one ramp with recirculated purified water and one ramp with normal water to refill the rinse tank. The water in the wash tank is refilled using the purified water that is left over following refilling of the rinse tank.

Drying chamber and offloading zone

In the drying chamber, a fan emits hot air which is spread over the parts by nozzles conveniently distributed in the chamber.

Both sides of the tunnel washer include revolving doors which make it easy to clean, maintain and examine the interior of the machine. Each gate is equipped with a safety micro-switch, halting the operation of the machine if opened. There are also wide viewing and maintenance doors in the upper section.

300 micron chip filter baskets are placed before the washing and rinsing pumps to prevent loose particles from entering tubes and nozzles.

BAUFOR industrial parts washer with programmable resistor times, two oil mist collectors with feedback of condensed water, automation and touch-screen operating panel, level control with visual and audio indicators, pneumatic electrovalves for automatic water repositioning, manometers and valves for pressure regulation.

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