Parts Washer for Tulips and CV Joint Housings

The customer needed an industrial parts washer for the washing, rinsing, protection and drying of "tulips" and housings for automobile constant-velocity joints.

Requirements: Washing, oiling and drying of steel parts

Aqueous parts washer to clean automotive components

Parts washer for handling an output of 4,215 parts/hour. The contamination that needed to be eliminated was a polymer used in the forging process.

Forged steel "tulips" and cv housings, with numerous references in each category. The passage of parts through the machine takes place after forging and prior to packaging. Therefore, oiling is necessary to protect the parts.

Solution: Four-chamber tunnel washers with conveyor belt

Conveyor washer

The most appropriate solution to carry out the surface treatment for the specified output was to build 3 multi-stage belt washers with a stainless steel conveyor belt. The washers were designed for an output of 1,405 parts/hour and equipped with an electronic frequency variator for adjusting outputs in the future. The "tulips" and housings are loaded manually on the belt in groups of five.

Fully automatic continuous treatment cycle, with four stages of hot pressure spraying (aqueous solution with alkaline detergent), rinsing with renewal of water at room temperature, hot oiling and hot air drying.

Tunel type parts washer

Oiling and washing tank heaters with armoured resistances. A programmable weekly time switch allows their start-up to be scheduled in advance.

At the request of the customer, the tunnel washers were built in AISI-304 stainless steel with painted iron skirtings (epoxy primer and final colour).

The washing and oiling tanks have a proportional product doser and a mist fan-aspirator.

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