Train Wheel Washer

Industrial train wheel washer for a company specialising in parts manufacturing for the rail industry.

Industrial washing and degreasing of train wheels

Train wheel washer

The customer requested a cabin-type washer for washing and degreasing train wheels. The machine was to be made in stainless steel and be prepared for a totally automated manufacturing process.

The wheels will load and unload one by one, using the client’s manipulator, placing them in a horizontal position on a parts trolley (premises have a height limitation). The parts washer needed to be able to load and wash different models of train wheel.

  • Largest size wheel: exterior Ø1,400 mm, width 180 mm. Weight: 1,200 kg.
  • Smallest size wheel: exterior Ø770 mm, width 190 mm. Weight: 500 kg.

Wheels were made of steel, it was necessary to avoid contamination from cooling lubricant and machining shavings. Predicted rate was one wheel every 3 mins and 30 seconds.

Cabin-type industrial washer with parts trolley

Machine for spray-washing and degreasing train wheels

Automated parts washer for spray-cleaning and degreasing train wheels using a hot alkaline solution. Cabin-type washer with mobile parts trolley and vertical guillotine door.

Washer made of AISI-304 stainless steel sheet, with heat and sound insulation due to 40 mm iron sheet skirting.

The parts trolley has plastic supports, allowing for loading of any of 40 types of wheel.

Treatment cycle:

  • Load: The manipulator places the wheel on the trolley supports, which introduce the wheel into the machine. Door closes.
  • Hot spray washing: 45-50 °C at 4 bar pressure. Temperature can be modified using a operator touch panel.
  • Draining: Wash pump stops.
  • Mist aspiration: Partial pre-opening of hatch and mist aspiration begins.
  • End of cycle and unloading: Mist aspiration stops, hatch opens fully and the trolley exits. The manipulator unloads the wheel and rotates it in order to empty any water build-up in wheels with no holes. The emptied water falls into the collection tray and flows back into the washer tank.
Totally automated train wheel washer

Side-access hatches and top covers for inspecting and accessing the inside of the parts washer. Stainless steel tubing, completely removable using flanges and ties.

Proportional detergent measuring system, can be set to 1% or 5% concentration. Guarantees the desired concentration of detergent in the aqueous solution.

300 micron filter to hold back particles and shavings at the water return upstream of pump.

Electronic level sensor automatically maintains water level in the washer tank. Water level: alarm for max and min level.

Washer with heating schedule to determine days and times that heating elements will operate. In this manner it is possible to plan the heating of the water in advance.

Pneumatic operations cabinet and electrical control cabinet with touchscreen control panel.

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