Industrial Parts Washers for CV Joint Housings

The customer, a company dedicated to the production of CV joints and transmissions for vehicles, needed two parts washers for the washing, degreasing and drying of cv joint housings.

Requirements: Washing, rinsing and drying of steel machined parts

Industrial washer for cv joints

The customer needed an industrial parts washer for the cleaning of parts between machining operations and a second washer for pre-cleaning prior to induction tempering and assembly.

Required output was 300 parts/hour and it was necessary to eliminate contamination from cutting oil and metal shavings left over from the machining process.

The parts washers had to accept different cv joint housings.

In order to protect and preserve the parts during the output process, it was necessary to use passivating rinsing.

The machines had to allow easy access to the interior.

Solution: Pass-through parts washers with hinged cowling

Conveyor belt parts washer

BAUFOR Industrial Parts Washers designed and built 2 three-stage conveyor belt washers, built in AISI-304 stainless steel.

Surface treatment of the parts includes washing and degreasing, passivating rinsing, compressed air blowing and hot drying. Washing and rinsing are carried out by spray nozzles, which spray the degreasing solution (water and alkaline detergent) over the parts.

Blowing helps the cv joint housings to dry more quickly, eliminating any accumulated water, and can be activated or deactivated by a switch installed in the control cabinet.

The washing tank is equipped with an oil disk skimmer that removes emulsified oil using degreasing solution.

Belt washer

To facilitate maintenance tasks, the parts washers have a hinged cowling that provides full access to the interior.

The guiderails installed all along the belt washer prevent sideways movements of the parts and can be adapted to different types of axle journals by means of adjustable supports.

The parts washer has a mist aspirator and condenser, so there is no need to install a chimney leading outside.

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