Industrial Parts Washer for Crankshafts

A company in the automotive industry, dedicated to the manufacture of components for industrial vehicles, needed a parts washer for truck crankshafts.

Requirements: Washing, blowing and draining of truck crankshafts

Truck crankshafts parts washer

The customer needed an industrial parts washer for the washing and degreasing of forged steel crankshafts with an output of 10 parts/hour. The parts washer had to accept different crankshaft models.

Washing takes place between machining operations and the contamination from machining oil had to be removed. The parts did not need to be dried, although general draining was necessary.

Loading and unloading of the crankshafts would be done using the customer’s hoist, although the parts washer needed to be prepared for loading with an automatic handler in the future.

The parts washer had to incorporate a system for the manual cleaning of lubrication holes, an oil separator and a cleaning system for the loading platform.

Solution: Cabinet parts washer with automatic mobile trolley

Automatic spray wash cabinet

BAUFOR spray wash cabinet, for the washing, blowing and draining of truck crankshafts. Parts trolley fitted with adjustable quick-locking supports to adapt to the different types of crankshafts.

Cleaning of crankshafts with alkaline detergents applied by spraying and blowing and draining using compressed air at room temperature. The back and forth motion of the trolley throughout the cycle ensures optimal coverage of parts and an effective compressed air sweep.

The parts washer is provided with an oil separator disc for decanting emulsified oil using degreasing solution. The oil separator is made of AISI-304 stainless steel.

Automotive parts washer

The cabinet washer includes a complete piston pump injection system for washing the inner lubrication holes of the crankshaft. The loading tray integrates a self-cleaning system with the sprinkler nozzle collecting trough.

Weekly time programmer for heating the tank, automation and touch-screen operator panel.

The key selector located in the control cabinet allows the loading method to be selected (with or without robot).

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