Industrial Parts Washer for Oil Crankcases

A company belonging to the automobile supply industry required an automatic industrial parts washer for the washing, degreasing and drying of oil crankcases inside and out.

Requirements: Washing and drying of automotive crankcases

Industrial crankcase parts washer

The customer needed an industrial parts washer for the cleaning and drying, inside and out, of aluminium oil crankcases with an output of 30 parts/hour. It was necessary to eliminate contamination from cutting oil and metal shavings left over from the machining processes. After washing the parts, residual surface contamination must be less than 25 mg/1,000 cm², with a maximum particle size of 1,000 microns.

Due to subsequent leakage control, the components may not exceed room temperature by more than 5ºC when they exit the washer.

Parts are loaded and unloaded manually.

Solution: Parts washer with step-by-step washing and drying

Multi-stage parts washer

In accordance with the customer’s requirements and the characteristics of the crankcases, a three-chamber tunnel washer was developed for the washing/degreasing, blowing and drying of parts in a step-by-step process. The parts washer has been manufactured in AISI-304 stainless steel sheet.

Parts washer with shaft conveyor chain and special brass supports. The parts to be treated are loaded manually one by one, in a vertical position, which facilitates their washing and draining.

The washing and degreasing of parts is performed by spraying with alkaline detergent. Due to the parts having numerous holes and cavities, a general cleaning is performed in the washing chamber, as well as a calibrated cleaning with focused nozzles. Parts washer equipped with a bag filter with a grade of filtration of 1,000 microns, to ensure that cleaning requirements are met.

Inline washer

A general draining is carried out in the blowing chamber, by means of blowing barriers and calibrated intermittent blowing with positioned blowers.

The process comes to an end in the drying chamber, with the pressure spraying of hot air over the crankcases.

Industrial parts washer equipped with two mist aspirator condensers, detergent doser and filtering boxes (300 microns).

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