Sectors Employing Industrial Parts Washers

Washing and degreasing for all types of applications and industrial parts

BAUFOR's industrial parts washers can wash, degrease and treat almost any type of part. Each and every one of our parts washers is designed and manufactured to measure, which means that our machines adapt to the client's parts and needs, rather than the other way around. Only by establishing the parts and the client as the cornerstone of our operations can we guarantee optimum cleaning results.

» Parts Washers for the Automotive Sector

Parts washers for the cleaning and degreasing of parts and components in the automotive sector. Tailor-made spray washers for the manufacture, reconditioning or repair of automobile components.

Lavadora industrial tipo túnel

» Parts Washers for the Aerospace Sector

Industrial parts washers for the cleaning and degreasing of aeronautical components. Ideal for manufacturing, reconditioning and maintenance processes.

Lavadora industrial tipo cabina

» Metal Pipe Washers

Machines to wash any type of pipe, irrespective of the size, shape or materials. They effectively remove shavings, oils, lubricants and dirt from outside and inside the pipes.

Lavadora industrial rotativa

» Parts Washers for the Military and Armaments Sector

Cleaning, degreasing and drying of parts and mechanical vehicle units for use on land and in aircraft, along with military equipment and firearms parts and components.

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