Customer service

1. Value added

That HYDRORESA, S.L. we are aware that client service is a hugely important factor in marking a commercial relationship as a success or failure. The way we treat our client is one of the outstanding aspects of our company, offering great value added to our high-quality parts washers.

2. Response capacity

We know that our clients demand more service, more unique features and improved response times, which is why we work hard every day to meet this challenge, offering the tailored solution which best suits their needs.

3. The client as cornerstone

Clients are the cornerstones of our operation, but all projects are built around them. That is why we offer customised solutions. From our initial consideration of the problem we analyse our clients' specific needs and advise them in selecting the best parts washer. Working with the client is the best way to guarantee complete satisfaction.

4. Trust and Responsibility

Trust is an essential value in any client-provider relationship. Deliveries made on time, after-sales technical advice and support and the fast as possible supply of spare parts or all aspects which helped win the trust of our clients.


1. Standout element

Our long experience has shown us that quality is the main standout element of our industrial parts washers. Such a level of excellence can only be achieved by using first-rate materials and components.

We will not undermine quality in order to sell at a lower price, which in the short term means higher maintenance costs. With every day which passes we are even more convinced of the need to continue developing our own level of quality as the hallmark of our competitive machines.

2. Solidity

All our parts washers have an extremely robust design and build, making them perfect for the most demanding jobs.

3. Reliability

We manufacture technologically advanced industrial parts washers, making our machines hugely reliable.

4. Durability

Thanks to the excellent quality of materials and components, along with all the processes involved in their creation (engineering, design and manufacture), our parts cleaning equipment stand out for their long service life.

5. Experience and Training

Our professional staff have considerable experience in the development of machinery for industrial parts cleaning and degreasing, and receive constant training in order to refresh their knowledge and incorporate the latest technological advances in our industrial parts washers.

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