Metal Pipe Washers

Tailored industrial aqueous parts washers for washing and drying metal pipes and tubes inside and out.

Experience in the industrial degreasing and cleaning of metal pipes

Our experience in the development of BAUFOR parts washers for metal pipes is our greatest guarantee. All our industrial parts washers are made to measure in accordance with factors such as cleaning requirements or production volumes and the material, size and shape of the pipes to be washed/degreased. Tailored solutions guarantee optimum washing results for all types of pipe, irrespective of the shape, size or material, and effectively remove shavings, oils, lubricants and dirt from the entire outer and inner surface.

HYDRORESA, S.L. offers a full range of services, from the design and manufacture of parts washers to any maintenance, updates or modifications required in the future. This simplifies access to all services connected with industrial parts washers, industrial washing and surface treatment.

Metal pipe washers

Parts washers for pipes of any diameter or length

Washing and drying of shaped or bent pipes

Washing and drying of shaped or bent pipes

Small pipe aqueous parts washers

Continuous small pipe aqueous parts washers

Blind pipes cleaning and drying

Optimum cleaning results even on blind pipes

Washers for shaped pipes

Washers for round, square or shaped pipes

Spray washing, degreasing and surface treatment of pipes

The washing and degreasing process is performed by spraying the hot water and alkaline, neutral or acid detergent solution at pressure onto the pipes to be treated. The mechanical action of the pressure jets and the degreasing effect of the aqueous solution guarantee optimum elimination of all form of contaminants.

Aqueous cleaning and degreasing of pipes is the most environmentally friendly method, with a water recirculation system, with no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) being released for any exposure or handling of hazardous products or toxic solvents.

At HYDRORESA, S.L. we are committed to the environment, which is why all BAUFOR parts washers operate using aqueous solutions (water + biodegradable detergent) and are heat-insulated to minimise energy consumption.

Different possible treatments and configurations

  • Pre-washing
  • Washing/degreasing
  • Rinsing using recirculated water
  • Rinsing using mains water
  • Rinsing using distilled water
  • General blowing with barrier
  • Calibrated internal blowing
  • Drying
  • Passivation
  • Descaling
  • Phosphating
  • Oiling

Industrial parts washers for all types of pipes and processes

The addition of an automated industrial parts washer serves to increase productivity, profitability and the quality of the end product, to meet client requirements.

We can design the parts washer which best suits your needs for the cleaning and elimination of cutting lubricants, oils, shavings and other contaminants generated during manufacturing processes such as cutting and shaping, threading, welding and tooling in general. The wide variety of detergent products available on the market guarantees optimum washing and degreasing of pipes made from any material.

Parts washers adaptable to any type of pipe

  • Size and Dimensions: Thanks to the tailored design of BAUFOR's pipe washers and the flexibility of industrial spray washing, we can guarantee optimum washing and drying of any size and dimension of pipe (shaped, bent, corrugated, threaded, ribbed, blind, etc.). It is normally possible to adapt the washer to more than one type of pipe.
  • Materials: The wide range of detergent products available on the market allow for the washing and degreasing of pipes made from any material (stainless steel, galvanised steel, aluminium, copper...).
  • Application: At HYDRORESA, S.L., we have considerable experience in manufacturing pipe washers with different applications (mechanical or hydraulic pipes, conduits, structural or furniture piping).

Parts washers typically used for cleaning and degreasing pipes

All parts washers can be easily integrated within production processes and are manufactured using first-rate materials and components, to guarantee reliability and optimum performance, even in the most challenging working environments.

Each production and pipe type demands a specific industrial parts washer. We therefore manufacture industrial pipe washers to measure, typically based on one of the following formats.

Conveyor Belt Washers

Pass-through cleaning systems perfect for the washing and drying of high production levels of pipes as a continuous process.

Rotary Drum Washers

Industrial parts washers for small pipes and casings with high production levels as a continuous process.

Cabinets with Parts Trolley

Washers for bent pipes positioned on specific supports, comprehensively cleaned inside.

Rotating Platform Washers

Spray cabinet washers for straight pipes positioned vertically. Ideal for relatively limited production levels.

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