Rotating Platform Parts Washers

Rotating platform parts washer
  • Washing and degreasing of metal or plastic parts
  • Suitable for limited production
  • Suitable for large-sized heavy parts
  • Positioning on rotary basket
  • Front loading and unloading
  • Fully automatic cycle
  • Different surface treatments
  • Automatic door opening
  • Removable trolley and loading platform
  • Built in steel or AISI-304 stainless steel

General description of rotating platform parts washers

Cabinet washers to clean metal or plastic parts in just a few minutes, with the parts loaded and unloaded via the front.

The automatic programming of up to four stages with no possible mixing of the baths: washing/degreasing, rinsing, passivation or phosphating.

The basket rotates on a turntable, guaranteeing that the parts are washed on all sides, avoiding any blindspots. Automatic door opening, automatic washing cycle and mist aspiration.

Rotating platform washer

The removable basket with the loaded parts is positioned on the platform.

Automatic cabinet washer

Rotating platform washers can be automatically programmed with up to four stages.

Vertical door cabinet washer

Loading and unloading takes place via the front, with the vertical door opening automatically.

Industrial cleaning and degreasing of all types of parts

The rotary motion of the basket on the motorised turntable and the distribution of spray nozzles and pipelines guarantees 360° washing of the parts. When the washing cycle ends the exhaust fan removes any mist and humidity from inside the cabinet washer, which, combined with the partial opening of the vertical door, assists in the drying of the parts thanks to the heat which they have acquired and the entry of fresh air from outside.

Rotating platform parts washers can perform different treatments in the same chamber without the need to handle the parts. Thanks to the dedicated tanks and the internal design of the parts washer, practically no mixture occurs between baths.

Rotating platform washer side view

The tanks and their elements are positioned on one side of the parts washer: water refill, valves, strainer basket, pump, filters, etc.

Parts washer rotating platform

A motorised turntable and the distribution of the pipelines and nozzles guarantee that the parts are washed on all sides.

Drying cycle

When the cycle ends, the mist is aspirated with the door partly open to help dry the parts thanks to the heat they have absorbed.

Parts positioned on the rotating platform

The parts are positioned on a removable octagonal basket. Once the parts have been loaded and the trolley positioned on the rotating platform, the cycle can begin.

The basket can be used to load different types of part, and depending on their characteristics they may be placed directly onto the basket or onto special tools or devices. This type of cabinet parts washer is ideal for handling heavy, bulky parts.

Parts loaded into the washer basket

Parts which can be washed without complications are loaded directly onto the basket.

Parts loaded onto custom supports

Depending on the characteristics of the parts to be washed, they may be loaded onto special supports or devices.

Basket on the loading platform

The removable basket is positioned on the loading platform to facilitate the loading and unloading of parts.


In order to facilitate cleaning and maintenance tasks, all cabinet parts washers are fitted with removable nozzles and pipelines.

The tanks are fitted with drainage valves, marine-type inspection hatch and top inspection covers for emptying and cleaning.

Standard features

Stainless steel chip-baskets

After it has been sprayed onto the parts, the degreasing solution passes through a strainer basket, where small solid particles are removed from the circuit. Accessible via the tank lid and easy to clean.

Low solution level shut-off and automatic water fill

The inductive detector maintains the level in each tank between set parameters by operating the pneumatic electrical valve to automatically refill with water. This guarantees that the solution level covers the heating elements at all times.

Horizontal pump

BAUFOR cabinet washers with rotating platform are fitted with an external horizontal pump equipped with a filter to prevent any objects which may accidentally fallen into the tank (paper, rags, etc.) from being sucked in.

Heat and sound insulation

All BAUFOR parts washers are heat-insulated as standard to reduce heat loss and thus save energy. Heat insulation prevents the outer surfaces from reaching high temperatures.

Exhaust fan

The fan eliminates mist and humility from inside the cabinet parts washer, and with the vertical door partly opened this helps to dry the parts. Once the machine has been installed, it will need a chimney to be fitted.

Automatic vertical door

Opening and closing of the guillotine door is performed completely automatically, by fitting a pneumatic cylinder.

Motor/gearbox unit

This transfers the rotary movement to the platform. Positioned on one side of the parts washer for quick and simple access.


Pressure control gauges and valves. Reinforced tank heating elements. Emergency shut-off in the manoeuvring cabinet. Digital temperature controllers. Drainage valves. Anti-vibration feet.

Optional accessories

BAUFOR oil coalescer

The best method for eliminating large quantities of oil. In a separate tank fitted with a screw pump to prevent mixture and guarantee the oil is eliminated. Considerably lengthens the lifespan of the wash bath.

Wheel type oil skimmer

The skimmer removes floating oil from the degreasing solution, using the continuously rotating disc. Fitted in the tank alongside the deposit to avoid any turbulence caused by the pump. Lengthens the lifespan of the cleaning solution.

Emptying tank

Allows maintenance tasks such as washing the base of the tank to be performed with complete ease. Emptying can be performed manually or automatically. Fitted with induction level detector and pump.

Filtering systems

Our rotating platform parts washers can be fitted with filters. Bag, cartridge or single or multiple basket filters. Fitted with a "filter dirty" alert indicator.

Automatic detergent dosing

Injects the desired percentage of cleaning product into the aqueous solution. It works by volumetric proportion, guaranteeing the solution percentage irrespective of any change in pressure or flow rate.

Automatic device and operator panel

Automation of working and control processes by means of a control panel with touchscreen. They typically feature a manual mode, automatic mode, component test, temperature indicators, element programming, etc.

Programmable heating timer

BAUFOR's rotating platform parts washers need to reach an optimum temperature in order to work effectively. The programmer can be used to plan the start-up of the elements prior to working hours seven days a week.

Any component the client may wish

BAUFOR industrial parts washers stand out because they are designed to measure. Any component the client may wish can therefore be fitted to the parts washer.