Special Industrial Parts Washers

If the three types of parts washer established as standard (pass-through washers, rotary parts washers or cabinet washers) do not meet the client's needs, we design and manufacture special industrial parts washers.

Special Parts Washer for Axle Housings

Special industrial parts washer for differential bridges

Special parts washer for the cleaning, blowing and drying outside and inside of axle housings.

Front loading and unloading and fully automatic intermittent cycle. The axle housings are positioned on a special device with automatic clamps and mobile lances to wash and blow inside.

Industrial parts washer fitted with a backup compressed air tank to guarantee supply, central hydraulic unit to move the cylinders and the rotary motor, drying ventilator, centrifugal separator and bi-manual control.

Side of the industrial axle housing washer.

The washer is equipped with a central hydraulic unit and a centrifugal separator on one side.

Overhead view of the special axle housing washer

The overhead view reveals the drying fan, the back-up tank and the washing tanks.

Axle housing anchoring device

The special device is fitted with automatic clamps to hold the axle housings in place.

Special Parts Washer for Large Transformers

Pass-through cabinet washer

BAUFOR special cabinet parts washer with opposing doors, for the washing and drying of large-sized, heavy electric transformers.

Parts loaded and unloaded on opposite sides. Fully automatic cycle with motorised step-by-step roller transportation system and automated vertically opening doors.

Parts washer fitted with mist aspirator, oil separator, proportional detergent doser and side hatches for internal maintenance. Manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel.

Side of the transformer washer

Loading and unloading are performed by means of the corresponding hoppers located on opposing sides of the parts washer.

Inside of the industrial cabinet parts washer

The parts are transported inside by means of step-by-step motorised rollers.

Washing tank pump

Two pumping units drive the water from the tank to the pipelines and nozzles inside the chamber.

Special Burner Installation, Crack Control

Special burner installation, crack control

Special BAUFOR installation for sporadic control of gearbox components to ensure their proper manufacture.

Treatment tanks in a fully cowled section with an automatic working cycle using a motion gantry. Tanks made from stainless steel or plastic depending on the treatment.

Aspiration of fumes and mist, water inlet and fully automatic refilling and joint emptying collector. Fitted with a control system and fire-fighting for any tanks requiring this.

Tank transfer arm

A gantry fitted with a handling arm transfers the parts-carrying basket between the tanks.

Gantry for movement between degreasing tanks

The horizontal and vertical movement of the gantry is achieved by means of the motors positioned at the top.

Collector for emptying treatment tanks

The installation is fitted with a collector to empty the treatment tanks.