Industrial Parts Washers

Overview of BAUFOR industrial parts washers

BAUFOR parts washers for the cleaning, degreasing and drying of metal or plastic parts in small or large series. The washing and degreasing process is performed by hot spraying of an aqueous solution with alkaline, acid or neutral detergents. BAUFOR's aqueous parts washers can also incorporate surface treatments such as descaling, phosphating and passivation.

All parts washers are tailor-made, allowing us to find the optimum solution in line with the client's needs. In order to establish the most appropriate parts cleaning machine we analyse factors such as the level of cleanliness required, the type of dirt to be eliminated, production volumes, the characteristics of the parts (materials, size, dimensions) and the space available.

Key parts washer characteristics:

  • Single or multiple stage (multi-stage) parts cleaning and degreasing
  • For cleaning metal or plastic parts of all sizes and dimensions
  • Surface treatment of metals. Descaling, passivation, phosphating or oiling
  • Industrial parts washers of solid and compact design and build
  • Manufactured from first-rate materials and components
  • Long service life and reliability even under the harshest working conditions
  • Featuring the latest technological developments
  • Simple to operate and easy to maintain

Types of parts washers

» Pass-Through Parts Washers

  • Continuous tunnel washers and degreasers.
  • Parts washers suitable for medium or large-scale production.
  • Belt washers, drum washers and monorail washers.
  • Steam, gas, diesel and electric heating.
Tunnel washer

» Cabinet Parts Washers

  • Cabinet washers for operations lasting a few minutes.
  • All faces covered to avoid blindspots.
  • Spray washing in a closed environment.
  • Cabinet washers with rotary basket, parts trolley or turntable.
  • Steam, gas, diesel and electric heating.
Cabinet parts washer

» Rotary Parts Washers

  • Turntable parts washers.
  • Parts loaded and unloaded from the same point.
  • Industrial parts washers perfect for cell applications.
  • Little available surface area required.
  • Steam, gas, diesel and electric heating.
Rotary parts washer

» Standard Parts Washers

  • Standard rotary basket parts washers.
  • Small and medium-sized parts cleaning machines.
  • Suitable for manufacturing plants and mechanical shops.
  • Made of AISI-304 stainless steel.
  • Electric reservoir heater.
Rotary basket parts washer

» Special Parts Washers

  • Special parts washers for cleaning and degreasing complex parts.
  • At HYDRORESA, S.L. we manufacture special parts washers when the models established as standard do not suit the client's needs.
  • Can be integrated into automated production processes.
  • Steam, gas, diesel and electric heating.
Special parts washer