Special Cabinet Parts Washers

BAUFOR can design and manufacture special cabinet parts washers if the parts require very specific cleaning and/or degreasing processes, or if the specific needs of the client demand certain special characteristics.

Cabinet Parts Washer for Small or Medium-sized Metal Parts

Special cabinet parts washer

Front-loading cabinet washer for the cleaning and degreasing of small/medium-sized automotive parts occupying the minimum space required.

Parts washer designed for relatively low production levels, fitted with a specific parts-carrying device allowing the parts to be positioned for washing and blowing.

Fully automatic cycle, with automatic door opening and option of manual or robotic loading. The parts washer is fitted with a dual switchable filter, exhaust fan and safety barriers for manual loading. Manufactured entirely in AISI-304 stainless steel.

Cabinet parts washer loading zone

Cabinet parts washer with automatically opening door and safety barriers for manual loading.

Rear view of the special cabinet parts washer

The machine is fitted with side hatches, exhaust fan and switchable dual filter.

Front hatch opened and closed by pneumatic cylinder

A pneumatic cylinder is responsible for opening and closing the front hatch.

Special Parts Washer, Tank + Cabinet

Special BAUFOR cleaning equipment

BAUFOR industrial parts washer for washing metal pipes contaminated with "salts".

The washing device is fitted with a tank for the prior rinsing and neutralising of salts, along with a cabinet for subsequent washing. Fully automated separate immersion and washing cycle.

Elevator and hinged door operated by pneumatic cylinders. Fitted with a bag filter, mist aspirator and joint emptying tank (drum and washer) with membrane pump. Parts washer built entirely from stainless steel.

Industrial parts washer with turntable

The rotary motion of the turntable guarantees optimum washing of the pipes on all sides.

Rinsing tank elevator

The rinsing tank is fitted with an elevator to immerse and remove the pipes.

Cold rinsing of metal pipes

Cold rinsing prior to washing is required in order to neutralise the salts present on the pipes.