Special Rotary Parts Washers

BAUFOR can design and build special industrial rotary parts washers to meet the need to degrease highly complex parts, those with very specific cleaning requirements or in order to meet a client's particular needs.

Rotary Parts Washer with Pneumatic Step-by-Step Rotation

Special industrial rotary parts washer

Industrial parts washer with a pneumatically operated turntable for the industrial degreasing and washing of metal parts.

Cleaning at 12 bar, calibrated blowing and step-by-step drying with precise stops. The automatic opening of hatches between zones, oil skimmer, switchable dual filter and safety barriers.

In order to guarantee that enough compressed air is supplied, the parts washer has a backup tank. As the turntable rotates, an electrically operated pneumatic valve diverts the flow of water from the tank so as not to stop the motor and pump unit.

Aqueous parts washer with turntable

The loading and unloading zone located at the front of the washing machine is fitted with a safety barrier.

Industrial parts washer with turntable

Side of the parts washer revealing the different components.

Rotary industrial parts washer

The rear of the parts washer houses the fuel filter and back-up tank.