Experience of industrial washing and degreasing

Parts washer manufacturer

HYDRORESA, S.L. is a company with more than 50 years' experience in the design and manufacture of first-rate industrial parts washers under the BAUFOR brand for the cleaning, degreasing and drying of all types of metal or plastic parts, and the surface treatment of metals.

We have assisted hundreds of clients in resolving their needs, manufacturing parts cleaning equipment for all types of part, in all cases no matter the complexity developing the most effective cleaning and degreasing system. We place our entire store of knowledge at your service in order to furnish the very best solution.

We have a wide range of products including belt washers, drum washers, monorail parts washers, rotary parts washers, cabinet washers and special parts washers if the complexity of the parts to be washed/degreased so requires.

Industrial parts washers tailored to your needs

Custom parts washer

At HYDRORESA, S.L. we manufacture our parts washers to measure. We believe that optimum cleaning results can only be achieved if the parts washers are designed in accordance with the parts and specific cleaning needs of each client.

Each project is a new challenge, and as these are tailor-made machines this involves an unrivalled level of flexibility allowing us to incorporate processes such as pre-washing, washing/degreasing, rinsing, blowing, drying and surface treatments such as phosphating, passivation and descaling. Each part has its own specific cleaning needs and characteristics, and so in some cases precision washing will be required, using focused nozzles (blind holes, cavities, hard to access areas) and/or focused blowers to remove water from problematic areas.

We believe not in off-the-shelf solutions but in designs which fulfil and exceed our client's expectations. That can be achieved only by means of the highest quality standards in both design and manufacture.

Technology and innovation in industrial parts cleaning and degreasing

Parts cleaning technology

We never rest on our laurels, but are constantly evolving in terms both of design and the incorporation of new components in our products, and also in our engineering processes themselves. Design processes are currently performed using workstations and 3D CAD. We evolve at the pace of technological progress.

Our staff are constantly studying new technologies to help us acquire day by day the experience needed to be the best at our job.

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