Rotary Parts Washers

Overview of rotary parts washers

BAUFOR's rotary parts washers are fitted with a turntable and one or two chambers to wash and degrease by spraying, while also drying parts in a continuous cycle.

Parts are loaded and unloaded from the same point.

Main characteristics:

  • Parts carried on a turntable at an adjustable speed
  • Spray washers perfect for cell operations
  • Unimpeded front zone
  • Special supports for any parts requiring this
  • Steam, gas, diesel and electric heating
  • Little available space required

Types of rotary parts washers

» Turntable Parts Washers

  • BAUFOR turntable spray washers for the continuous cleaning, degreasing and drying of metal parts.
  • Manual or automatic loading.
  • Loaded and unloaded via the front.
  • Automatic cycle.
  • Solid and compact design and build.
Turntable parts washer

» Special Rotary Parts Washers

  • BAUFOR special rotary washers for cleaning, degreasing and drying complex parts and specific requirements.
  • Front loading/unloading.
  • Specific supports for the parts to be washed/degreased.
  • Automatic cycle.
  • Solid and compact design and build.
Special rotary parts washer