Special Pass-Through Parts Washers

If the parts to be degreased are particularly complex, have very specific cleaning requirements or the client needs to meet particular needs, BAUFOR can design and build special pass-through washers.

Tunnel Washer with Dual Washing Tank

Pass-through parts washer with dual tank

Tunnel washer with a dual washing tank allowing maintenance tasks to be performed without having to shut down the machine.

Each tank has its own pumping unit to guarantee that the parts washer will continue to operate in the event of a fault and during cleaning. Before the water is fed back into the tank it passes through a shared mesh filter.

If one of the pumps begins operating automatically the corresponding feed valve is open. The mesh filter also opens or closes the relevant valves depending on which water pump is operational.

Pass-through degreaser with mesh filter

The rear side houses a mesh filter box, fitted with pneumatic electrically operated feed valves.

Pass-through parts washer with dual tank

The pneumatic impulse valves are activated in accordance with the hydraulic pump in operation.

Mesh filter of an industrial parts washer

The one-way pneumatic valves on the filtering box allow the water to pass through to the tank in operation.

Pass-Through Washer with Dual Conveyor Belts

Pass-through parts washer with dual conveyor belts

Industrial inline washer with dual conveyor belts operating separately.

Each of the belts has its own motor and gear system, drying fan and mist collector. This makes it possible to operate both belts or just one, to avoid any wasted energy.

It is also possible to wash and degrease two different types of part, with different washing requirements or different production volumes, since the conveyor belts operate independently, and their speeds can likewise be adjusted.

Aqueous parts washer with dual conveyor belts

Loading zone of a dual belt pass-through parts washer revealing the mist collector for each belt.

Pass-through parts washer with dual belt

The unloading zone of the parts washer reveals the drying fan and the separate motor and gear unit of each belt.

Dual conveyor belt parts washer

As each belt operates separately, they can be used individually or jointly.