Parts Washer for Aluminium Lids

A company engaging in the manufacture of vacuum pumps required a rotary basket parts washer for a robot cell.

Automated cleaning of aluminium lids

Aluminium lid parts washer

The parts washer had to clean and degrease aluminium lids, removing oil and chips from machining operations.

The cleaning of parts would be performed by spraying with alkaline detergent.

The parts would be loaded and unloaded by a robot with artificial vision. Therefore, the washer required an automatic hatch with a wide span angle and adequate internal space and loading height.

Special rotary basket parts washer

Automatic cycle parts washer

Ø550 mm rotary basket washer for spray-cleaning and degreasing aluminium lids.

The washer is manufactured from AISI-304 stainless steel sheet and is thermally insulated.

Automatic cycle parts washer:

  • Robotic loading.
  • Cleaning.
  • Draining.
  • Drying with pre-opening of hatch.
  • Robotic unloading.
Parts washer for cleaning and degreasing aluminium lids

The parts are dried by evaporation through the partial opening of the hatch and mist aspiration.

In order to facilitate robotic loading and unloading, the washer is fitted with a folding pneumatic hatch, nozzles and tubes on the inner ends and elevated work surface.

Parts washer fitted with basket filter, programmable automaton and MFD multifunction display, and mist aspirator which can be coupled to an external chimney.

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