Industrial Parts Washer for Axles

A company dedicated to the manufacture of agricultural machinery required an industrial parts washer for the cleaning and drying of axles.

Requirements: Washing and drying of axles for agricultural machinery

Washing tunnel

The customer requested a pass-through parts washer for the washing-degreasing and drying, both inside and out, of forged steel axles with an output of 80 parts/hour. The parts washer had to accept different types of axles (26 references).

The parts would be coming from remachining operations, with traces of cooling lubricant and machining shavings. After cleaning and degreasing, the parts must not contain particles larger than 1,000 microns.

Loading and unloading are to be performed manually, with the possibility of becoming automated in the future.

The washing process is followed by the packaging process. To prevent condensation, upon exiting the washer, the parts may not exceed room temperature by more than 5ºC.

Solution: Pass-through continuous parts washer with conveyor chain

Pass through parts washer

Three-stage tunnel washer with shaft conveyor chain, built in AISI-304 stainless steel.

Cleaning and degreasing inside and out, compressed air blowing and tempered drying with hot air in a continuous step-by-step process. Parts loaded on brass supports designed to hold all the axle models.

Industrial washing of the axles is performed by spraying. Spray nozzles spray degreasing solution (water + biodegradable alkaline detergent) on all sides of the parts. Interior cleaning is performed by calibrated nozzles. In order to meet the customer’s cleaning requirements, the washing tank is fitted with a bag filter of 150 microns.

Spray parts washing machine

A general sweep is carried out in the blowing tank using compressed air and calibrated blowing to eliminate any water accumulated in the most problematic areas.

Parts are dried using recirculated tempered air so that upon exit they do not exceed the maximum temperature set by the customer.

The parts washer has two mist aspirator condensers, so there is no need to install a chimney leading outside. The washer also has programmable automation and a touch-screen operator panel.

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